I originally came to Active EP about a year ago as I had suffered from chronic back pain for 5 years and had a lot of weaknesses and imbalances throughout my body. At this point I was stuck on where to go next and fortunately was recommended to Ian. 

This past year I have seen a lot of improvements in my posture and strength, and feel a lot more aware and positive about my body. Ian has designed programs to strengthen my weaknesses and increase muscle function which has significantly helped with my back pain. Additionally, he added exercises to help achieve my goals in aerial silks which I was very grateful for as often you get so consumed trying to fix a problem you forget to do things for you. 

I love that even when you are restricted by a particular movement one day, there always seems to be a way around to activate those muscles which means you always leave feeling positive about the session.

I’ve loved my time at Active EP, their training has given me greater body awareness which enables me to train and help myself. And less directly, psychologically I feel a lot stronger and in control. 

I would definitely recommend Active EP to anyone with chronic injuries or muscle imbalances, although I’d also recommend those who want to maximise their physical potential. They have definitely helped me trying to achieve both so I feel a lot of people could benefit from their training, and have already recommended quite a few. 




I came to Active EP because…

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, due to lifestyle factors, overweight and unfit. I was part of a group that came once a week for exercise and strength classes.


Active EP helped me by…

Showing me how to exercise, talking about food choices, being supportive and encouraging. It is a fun and encouraging environment that makes exercise enjoyable.


The result was…

I have lost 22kg since March and I do not have any symptoms of diabetes, my blood sugar levels are normal. I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have been for many years.


One thing I like was their…

Encouragement and knowledge. They made sure that I was encouraged to stretch myself without injury. The group was good, but each person was helped individually.


I found the experience…

Empowering. I have increased strength in my body and arms. I enjoy the weekly session, I keeps me focused on ensuring I remain committed to healthier life choices.


I would recommend Active EP to people who need…

A gentle introduction to the benefits of exercise for the mind and body. I would encourage people that have not exercised in the past to commit to a weekly session to build a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Special mention for the fantastic Brendan – Thank you!





I started to see an exercise physiologist at Active EP 5 years ago due to reoccurring should problems. At the time I was a state level swimmer. Through my work at Active EP my shoulder problems were no longer occurring. 

Back in 2011 I tore the labarum in my hip as well as had an impingement. This injury required surgery and before the operation I managed to still compete at state level in swimming, and post operation with all my rehab work, upon my return to the water I was swimming better than ever.

Unfortunately, in 2012 I did a similar injury in my shoulder, which is inoperable. Over time this injury has become a noon-issue due to constant stability and strength work.

I am now a tennis player, and at Active EP they have been able to change my gym program from that of a state level swimmer to a tennis player. I have never had a negative experience in my 5 years at Active EP and I am looking forward to what the next 5 years will bring as I continue to improve with tennis. It has been an ongoing journey filled with highs and lows but I know that Active EP will always help and encourage me to do what I love.

I highly recommend them to any athlete or to anyone who has ongoing problems or who just wants to get fitter and stronger. They have become a part of my support team and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jo Matthews



I came to see an Exercise Physiologist at Active EP because ….

I witnessed the results my wife was achieving from following the program layed out for her to manage her MS.


Active EP helped me by ….

To return to a more active lifestyle and better health through a program designed to cater for my limitations yet push me to improve my conditioning.


I found the experience ….

Enjoyable, tiring, rewarding, considerate and with the professional approach that always encourages participants to return.


I would recommend Active EP to people who need  ….

Help with an injury, or assistance with coping with a disease or illness, or any condition that restricts movement, energy, motivation and general health.


Chris A



I have experienced this group of skilled practitioners both as a referrer and personally and have found them to know how to help people make the best of their bodies. Whether injured, athletic or people who have never exercised before, these practitioners knowledgeably and accurately prescribe exercises and programs to meet the needs of their clientele who may also experience chronic medical conditions.

I have had feedback from a number of clients who have found that Active EP has helped them move in a way to prevent injuries in everyday life and during sport, recover from injury, enhance sports performance and significantly reduce their pain.

I refer to Active EP patients who:

  • Are worried about exercise because of injury or medical condition
  • Are athletes of any age who are looking for performance enhancement, refinement of technique, are injured or are recovering from injury
  • Haven’t exercised before but want to and need guidance
  • Have chronic pain, particularly if it is limiting movement and every day function including the elderly
  • Athletes who are experiencing pain during activity due to inefficient movement patterns or biomechanics


Dr Rebecca Lovett



I came to see an Exercise Physiologist at Active EP because….

To get more movement after having back surgery


Active EP helped me by……

Listening and trying to work out specific exercising needs


I found the experience…

Has given me some improvement and taught me more about my body movements. Also someone who listens to your pain and works through it.


I would recommend Active EP to people who need…

Increase their body movement and strengthening their core. Also someone who listens to your pain and work through it.