Strength & Conditioning

Active EP provides specialist understanding of the biomechanics and movement patterns required for peak muscle recruitment and optimal strength improvement.

Whether you want to get stronger and fitter for general wellbeing or improve your athletic performance our Exercise physiologists will focus on athlete specific evidence based program.


Focus areas for strength and conditioning / athlete development

  • Athletic performance
  • Running gait analysis
  • Movement correction and motor control


Why is strength and conditioning important?

  • Strength and conditioning is an important part in any athletes training program, regardless of the sport of activity a specialized program can be made that is specific to the demands of the activity in order to enhance performance.
  • Strength and conditioning will improve strength, power, agility and endurance or athlete when prescribed correctly to fit the needs of the athlete.
  • We can provide movement and running analysis to identify areas of improvement that can be focused on and will assist performance. Correction of movement patterns and running gait will also help to prevent and treat injury or pain associated with certain movements.


What can Active EP do?

  • Assess movement patterns and gait analysis to identify any muscular imbalance or altered movement patterns
  • Create a tailored program based of assessment to correct movement patterns and improve motor control
  • Specific sport based programs that will target athletics demands to improve speed, agility, power and strength.
  • Tailored programs will not only help to improve performance but reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery times so you can spend more time doing what you love.


Make an appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists to enhance your strength and athletic performance.

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