About Us

We are passionate about empowering people to Act Now to Live Better and Enhance Performance in what they to love to do through specialised exercise prescription and physical activity.

We believe that we can achieve this not only by ensuring you get the right type but also the right dose of exercise that best suits you for your specific needs.

That is to get the best physiological response to reduce disease, rehabilitate from injury and increase performance.

We also believe that everyone is unique and therefore require a tailored exercise treatment that we closely monitor, support and guide you through on your journey towards achieving your goals.



Our team of both male and female Exercise Physiologists have extensive experience in exercise rehabilitation, chronic disease management and strength & conditioning.

We are passionate about prescribing exercise to help you to live better and enhance performance through personalised one on one consultations as well as specific group based programs.



Our facility is well equipped and appropriate for all ages and levels of functional capacity.  We have a focus on functional movement retraining to enable clients’ goals to be achieved.

In addition, Exercise Physiology is eligible under Medicare Allied Health Initiative (Enhanced Primary Care Plan), DVA, TAC, WorkCover and Private Health Funds.

For further enquires about what we offer please refer to our services page or contact us on 9879 5628, Fax 8080 5910 or email info@activeep.com.au.